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The Color of Money
©2016 by Cynthia Rutledge

The Color of Money ©2016 by Cynthia RutledgeInspiration is such a wonderful process! Who knew that my interest in sunken treasure would lead to a whole series of beadwork designs based on this premise?

I have been researching multiple shipwrecks of Spanish galleons in the 1600's and one thing that they all have had in common is their cargo of precious metal; gold, silver and copper coins and ingots along with jewelry and what are called "money chains". These chains were usually made of elaborate rings of gold, linked together to form long chains. One link would represent an average workers wage for one year in the 1600's.
These "money chains" were thought to be an easier way to transport precious metal and it is possible that these chains didn't fall under the same taxation that precious metal coins and ingots would have been given. These beautiful chains could have been worn under garments for safer transport. It is known that the clergy did use this method during this period.

The Color of Money was inspired by the elaborate designs on some of the money chains that I have seen in my research. The pendant consists of three components. The first is a quick and easy bezel around a beautiful cushion cut CZ. The second is a combination of two fabulous components; one is a single 4-holed Swarovski set cup chain component and the other is a Swarovski set metal ring. These two components come together to make an elegant addition to the pendant. The last component is a peyote stitch bezel around a pear CZ that adds a bit of swing and color at the bottom of the pendant. Two peyote stitch spiral cords, each ending with little bead caps, head for the closure of two delicate beaded buttons.

Workshop length: This workshop is a one-day workshop for intermediate students that are comfortable with peyote stitch.
Necklace length: Samples are 16 inches long

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