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Flower of the Sea
©2015 by Cynthia Rutledge

Flower of the Sea ©2015 by Cynthia RutledgeI look at inspiration as a part of the bead designing process that leads to creating something. Whether the inspiration came from a specific place, an idea or experience or something tangible, to be inspired is usually the first step to creating art.

Flower of the Sea Bracelet was inspired by the amazing colors of the ocean. For this design, I kept looking at sea anemones, as they are particularly graceful organisms that are not plants but actually animals. These meat eaters attach themselves to the sea floor or coral reefs and lure their prey with their colorful flowing tentacles. The tendrils are reminiscent of flower petals and the colors palettes are among natures most spectacular.

Flower of the Sea ©2015 by Cynthia RutledgeThe flower center is a netting variation that bezels a large pearl. Netting continues to add structure to the flower shape using seed beads and pearls, adding dimension. Petal like shapes and small spike fringes add the finishing touches to the sea flower.

Two cables, made from a netting variation, represent the coral reefs where this sea flower calls home. The clasp is a hidden snap that is attached to two peyote-stitched strips that are under the sea flower.

Dimensions: Flower is 1-5/8 inches wide. Band is 5/8 inches wide. The bracelet is 6-3/4 inches long.

Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

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