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A Stones Throw
©2009 by Cynthia Rutledge

A Stones Throw ©2009 by Cynthia RutledgeOne of my most favorite looks, in fine jewelry, is the use of Pave´ techniques. The term Pave´ simply means to lay a path of bezels onto a fine metal base then set faceted stones into the bezels to form paths, or to fill a shape with gemstones. The marriage of beautiful stones and fine metal is magical.

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A Stones Throw is the fourth piece in my series of working with fine metal settings and faceted stones. This bracelet is a combination of two distinctive styles of jewelry that was being made in the 1700’s. The first being the Pave´ work using fine metal settings, set with faceted gemstones, lab grown gemstones or faceted CZ’s, then set again within beadwork. The second style is the Lattice Weave and Netting band that is reminiscent of the early technique of Cannetille, which is a fine hand made gold mesh that was very popular in its day. The two styles come together in A Stones Throw, creating a dramatic but delicate bracelet.

The bracelet begins with a lacy band made from Lattice Weave and Netting, ending on one end with a Peyote stitch shaped loop and on the other end, a gorgeous Pave´ button. The button is made with two different sizes of fine metal settings and faceted stones. The stones are then set again in Peyote Stitch and Netting. The band is embellished with three clusters of set faceted stones surrounded with Peyote Stitch, Netting and embellishing techniques.

A Stones Throw ©2009 by Cynthia Rutledge

Skill level: Intermediate. Must be familiar with Peyote stitch.

This is a 1-day workshop.

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