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Georgiana's Suite
©2008 by Cynthia Rutledge

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Georgiana's Suite ©2008 by Cynthia RutledgeFew women in history had such an impact on fashion as Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire (1757-1806). Georgiana was born to the Spencer's, one of the wealthiest families in England, both then, and now. At the age of sixteen, she was successfully married off to William Cavendish, the 5th Duke of Devonshire. For both families, this was a huge venture financially, but a very poor love match.

As a socialite and active political campaigner (in a time when women's suffrage was still a century away), Georgiana used her power and great beauty to her advantage. She was famous for her quick wit and charm, entertaining many a guest with her political views and her musical talents. She later mentioned to her daughter, that her success in using her beauty to her advantage, had to do with her fine-tuned ability at being gracious and approachable.

Well known as a fashion innovator, Georgiana delighted in the use of extravagance, using her creativity as a "sixth sense" for fashion. Jewelry of the time, for the wealthy, was usually made in sets, also known as "suites" or "parures". A fashionable style of jewelry in the late 1700's was called Cannetille (ka-n-ti-i). This style of metalwork used a lacy, open filigree that consisted of tightly woven, twisted gold wires. These gold wires formed mesh, swirls, spirals and flourishes to embellish and bezel fine stones for jewelry. The style was very labor intensive but beautiful.

Georgiana's Suite is inspired by the Cannetille style of jewelry. The Suite consists of a necklace made of a beaded mesh, created in Lattice Weave (which is a variation on Netting and Right-Angle Weave), embellished with flourishes created with Peyote stitch, Netting and embellishing techniques. The ends of the mesh are softly looped over one another to close the necklace. Use the lovely dangling components again, by making a pair of earrings to complete the suite. I think you will agree that Georgiana's Suite would catch the eye of any Duchess!

Skill level: This is an intermediate workshop. Students should be familiar with Peyote Stitch and Netting.


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