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The Slide
©2007 by Cynthia Rutledge

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1 Smoky Grey

2 Rose/Copper

3 Aqua/Lavender

4 Bronze/Deep Blue-purple

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Kit price - $175

The Slide Kit ©2007 by Cynthia Rutledge

I have always said that I was inspired to bead by all that is around me. Whether my inspiration has come from the tale of a famous person, real or imagined, or from historical art and jewelry, my work has always been woven through these muses. Rarely, though, am I inspired to design and bead by current events.

In October 2007, thousands of Southern Californians fought their way through one of the worst fire seasons to date. As with all of the victims, we also have walked away from this disaster with our own stories of trial and tribulations, victory and defeat.

Our mountain suffered terribly, once again, but as this mountain has been through this many times, it will rebuild. One of the two fires raged on, refusing to be contained. The heroes in this disaster, the fire fighters, called it “The Slide”. Deeply forested, rough, high mountain terrain coupled by difficult water approaches and high winds, kept our heroes from gaining the upper hand.

My inspiration to name this lovely necklace, “The Slide”, came from the images of the fires, the once beautiful mountainous terrain and water. The 3-D, peyote stitch ring, representing the shape of the fire, is embellished with Brick Stitch triangles and crystals. The triangles represent our mountains, the crystals between them the trees. From the ring, two Peyote stitch connections allow the many strands of seed beads, crystals and small metal spacers to flow around the neck, then through a slide on the other side of the ring. The strands flow like water, to end in a beautiful cascading fringe.

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced. Must be familiar with tubular and flat Peyote stitch, as well as, Brick stitch.


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