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Keyed Up: The Keeper of the Keys
©2011 by Cynthia Rutledge

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1 Green gold / Salmon CZ
2 Copper gold / Garnet CZ
3 Blue lined amber AB / Tanzanite CZ
4 Green Metallic AB / Alexandrite CZ
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Kit price - $85

Keyed Up: The Keeper of the Keys  ©2011 by Cynthia RutledgeColonial households had a hierarchy of who was in charge of what in a household. The man of the house was in charge of providing for his family, expecting his house and home to be his "castle" as it were. The lady of the house was in charge of the rearing and caring for the children, making sure that the house and gardens were run properly and that the household staff were trustworthy, hard working and efficient.

Beyond the duties that we currently consider needed for caring for a home, the running a colonial household was a full time job and needed many hands to provide food for the table, fabrics for clothing and bed linens, knitting and mending stockings, making clothing, weaving blankets and educating the children, to mention only a few of the many duties.

Most households had theft problems and since items such as jewelry, bed linens, tea and coffee, sugar and liquor were expensive, they were usually locked up with the lady of the house being the keeper of the keys. The lady of the house would hold all keys to household chests and trunks with the hired help asking for access when needed.

The Keeper of the Keys is the second key in the Keyed Up series documenting the use of keys in history. The three parts of a key are represented here with a stylized bow, shaft and bit. This little beauty uses an oval stone bezel set with beadwork to create the "bow" of the key. The "shaft" has an opening that holds a set 4mm CZ ending with a set stone on the end cap. The "bit" also has a set stone nestled inside beadwork to lend cohesiveness to the design. The bail and beaded jump rings lead to a simple, but effective, strung necklace chain making a stunning necklace for The Keeper of the Keys.

Skill level: Intermediate


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