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Cynthia Rutledge presents:
Granuaile's Crown Necklace Kit
©2003 by Cynthia Rutledge

Granuaile's Crown Necklace Kit ©2003 by Cynthia RutledgeThe fight for freedom and a separation from England in the 16th century put Ireland in great turmoil. Born to the land a woman, and by her deeds, a pirate, she was given the Gaelic nickname of Grainne Mhaol, meaning loosely “cropped hair”, as she had cut her hair short and dressed like a man. Her nickname was later shortened to Granuaile (pronounced Gran-Yale). She became a Chieftain of the O’Malley clan and ruled with an iron fist for many years. Elizabeth I was intrigued by Granuaile’s strong will and determination, as well as her great ability to lead her clan in a time when men would have normally held such a position.

This neckpiece was inspired by the tale of Granuaile. As a Queen of her clan, I wondered what type of crown she would have worn. As a woman of the land, her crown would best be made up from Ireland’s natural bounty. These things might have been clinging to the cliffs of the western coast, or maybe gathered from the moors. Woven together, these natural things could have formed a crown for this fierce woman Chieftain.

This is an asymmetrical neckpiece. Three pods, each on a stem, drape in the front of the neckpiece for a soft look. The stems are gathered together at the closure which is in the front of the neckpiece, offers a hidden connection. The stems of the pods wrap around the neck to overlap the front closure with another pod to give balance and as a camouflage for the closure. The pods are 3-D shapes using Peyote stitch with a surface embellishment. Each pod has an added sleeve of leaf shapes at the top giving the look of an artichoke. The leaf shapes are also made out of Peyote stitch (circular and flat). The stems are made out of circular Peyote stitch and circular Herringbone with a variation. The Herringbone variation uses fringe beads to give a touch of texture and interest to the stems.


  • Tubular Peyote stitch with increasing and decreasing
  • Flat circular Peyote stitch with increasing and decreasing
  • Herringbone stitch
  • Stitching-in-the-ditch techniques
  • Surface embellishing techniques

Skill Level: Advanced. Must be comfortable with Peyote stitch and Herringbone stitch.

Photos: Mark Rutledge


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