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Cynthia Rutledge presents:
A Garland of Jeweled Links & Chain Kit
©2002 by Cynthia Rutledge

A Garland of Jeweled Links & Chain ©2002 by Cynthia RutledgeIn ancient times deep inside the earth, the finest metals and gems were being formed. The oceans produced an abundance of wonderful materials to include pearls of great luster. These precious materials captivated all who set eyes upon them. From royalty to the common man we have adorned ourselves with the finest gems and metals in the world.

This garland evokes the style of the Renaissance. Long garland style necklaces were called “girdles” and were worn as a necklace, a drape over a cloak and a belt. In 1559, Elizabeth I was painted wearing her coronation robe embellished with a large “girdle” of gold and gem encrusted chain links.

This necklace begins with a Peyote Stitched pendant that is embellished with a Mabe´ Pearl, some Netting and embellishing techniques. Mabe´ Pearls are flat backed blister pearls and make wonderful cabochons. 3-D Peyote Stitched rings act as links in a chain. These rings have channels in them that are filled with 4mm Fire Polish beads. Beaded and embellished Figure 8 links are connected with embellished strips of Peyote Stitch to form a long chain of a necklace.

Skill level: This kit is for the intermediate to advanced beader. You must be familiar with Peyote stitch, in the round and flat, Brick Stitch and Netting. Understanding these stitches will really help as I am going to be teaching you increasing and decreasing techniques along with an unusual Peyote Stitch tube split.

Photos this kit: Mark Rutledge


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