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1 Linen/Pearl
2 Turquoise
3 Grey/Amethyst
4 Peach/Jade
5 Peruvian Opal
6 Flourite
7 Bronze/Amethyst
8 Rose/Pearl
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Kit price - $68

Cynthia Rutledge presents:
Tibetan Bangle Kit
©2003 by Cynthia Rutledge

Tibetan Bangle ©2003 by Cynthia RutledgeThe wearing of amulets was a common practice among the peoples of China, India and Tibet. They were used to protect the wearer against the bad forces of nature and unseen bad spirits. The amulets can range in medium from pictures on paper to metal and stone images, tattoos and prayer boxes. Stone figures were made from jade, turquoise, cornelian or lapis. Hair adornments, bangles and necklaces, made with small metal boxes attached to the metals bases of these items, would have held prayers written on pieces of papyrus and tucked inside the boxes to protect the wearer.

Tibetan Bangle is inspired by the wearable amulets from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan and is constructed using a flat Peyote stitch base and a series of Brick stitch triangles that form four-sided pyramid shapes. These pyramid shapes are worked around the bangle, which closes with small rondelle and loop connections. The pyramid shapes are filled with special decorative beads then closed at the top to hold the treasures in place. The spaces in between the pyramid shapes, and along the long edges of the bangle, are embellished with rondelles and seed beads.

Skill level: This kit is for the intermediate to advanced beader. You must be familiar with Peyote Stitch and Brick Stitch. Understanding these stitches well will help to ease the difficulty level.

Photos for this kit: Mark Rutledge


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