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Cynthia Rutledge presents:
A Chain Reaction Bracelet Kit
©2008 by Cynthia Rutledge

A Chain Reaction ©2008 by Cynthia Rutledge

The use of chain has been part of Man’s history since almost the beginning. The earliest known metal chain was made around 225 BC. This combination of a series of rings and links was connected to a bucket in order to draw water from a well. Even Leonardo da Vinci was interested in the properties of chain. Da Vinci left behind many drawings depicting the process of making steel chain.

From the simplest forms of rings and links, combined to intertwine vines and flowers for wreaths and circlets for the hair, to fine metal chain for jewelry, to chain made to hoist up an anchor on a big ship, this simple linking form has played a big role in the technology and evolution of Man.

My interests are partial to the use of ring and link connections and combinations used in jewelry making. I love the articulated properties of chain. A simple combination of a ring and a link has movement and flexibility that lends openness and softness to many of my jewelry designs. In this case, for my bracelet called “A Chain Reaction”, rectangular 3-D chain is created in Peyote Stitch then connected to each other with flat Peyote Stitch links. A stitch I call “Lattice Weave”, which is a combination of Netting and Right-Angle Weave, comes on board to assist with the making of the light and airy flowers that adorn the links. The closure for this bracelet is a snap connection that is hidden under a flower allowing the bracelet to end gracefully.

The skill level required: Intermediate. You must be comfortable with Peyote Stitch in the round, even count, and flat.

Photos by Mark Rutledge



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