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Antonia's Adornment Bracelet Kit
©2007 by Cynthia Rutledge

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The year was 1770. The Archduchess of Austria, Maria Antonia, stepped off of the royal barge to begin her new life in France. Her new name from this day forward will be Marie Antoinette.

Most people today remember Marie Antoinette’s demise, but otherwise know very little about her. For instance, she never said, “If they have no bread, then let them eat cake”. That remark was by another Queen of France, the wife of Louis XIV, not Louis XVI. A 100-year difference in time!

Known to family and friends as “Antonia”, she was renowned at court for her marvelous taste in clothing, adornments and decorating. She raised the bar of style to a new level, from jewel-encrusted garments, to beautiful garden designs. In a time when the Nobility and Gentry of Europe vied with each other for every luxury and extravagance, the Court Jewelers and Embroiderer’s were kept busy with the desires of the wealthy.

Antonia’s Adornment is reminiscent of the glorious gem encrusted trims that were handmade to adorn men’s waistcoats, frock coats and ladies gowns. Using a stitch that I call “Lattice Weave”, pearls, Czech glass Fire Polish beads and seed beads are encircled in a manner to form the attractive design. This variation on the stitch creates small circles and squares, on point, that add a beautiful openness to the bracelet. Two beaded buttons, loop into two seed bead and Fire Polish rings, to form the closure of this lovely bracelet.

Skill level: This kit is for the intermediate beader.

Photos: Mark Rutledge.


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