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Alyeska's Jewel Bangle Kit
©2005 by Cynthia Rutledge

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Alyeska's Jewel ©2005 by Cynthia RutledgeIt is said that there are no words to express the beauty of Alaska. You just have to go and experience Alaska for yourself! Early inhabitants arrived around 4,000 years ago. These early tribes were known as the Tlingit-Haida and the Athabascan peoples. These tribes, along with many others, lived in a pristine land that was beyond compare. They learned how to survive in a harsh environment that most people today would not survive. An early name for the land that we know today as Alaska was Alyeska, which in the Aleut language means “The Great Land”.

I was inspired to make Alyeska’s Jewel upon seeing images of the 800 mile long Alaska Pipeline. Oil was discovered in 1968 in Prudhoe Bay. Construction of the Pipeline began in 1975 and was completed in 1977 with up to 20,000 employees working towards its completion. The 48” diameter pipe moves oil at about 5.5 miles per hour from Prudhoe Bay to it’s distribution destination in Valdez, AK. This “gold-mine” was, and still is, the largest US oil supply delivering over a million barrels of oil each and every day. The pipe had to be supported off of the ground due to the weather and to the fact that the Pipeline was not to inhibit the movement of any migrating animals. Along with Alaska’s abundant wildlife and simply stunning scenery, the oil delivered by the Pipeline is truly one of Alyeska’s jewels!

Alyeska's Jewel ©2005 by Cynthia RutledgeAlyeska’s Jewel is a 3-D shaped, Peyote stitched bangle, that wraps and zippers around a piece of plastic tubing. The tubing has a magnetic clasp attached to each end and is hidden once the bangle is connected. Four bands of Peyote stitch are attached to the bangle and embellished with Herringbone Filigree shapes and surface embellishments. Whether you choose to have a continuous bangle without a closure, or you choose to add the hidden magnetic clasp, the bangles look the same. An embellishing edging connects the strips and the bangle together visually to create a dramatic piece of wearable art.

Description of techniques that are used in Alyeska's Jewel:

    • Flat, odd-count, Peyote stitch with increasing
    • A beaded whipped-stitch edging
    • Zippering of Peyote Stitch to close a ring
    • Flat, odd-count Peyote Stitch without "Mr. Homeless"
    • Flat. Herringbone Stitch with decreasing
    • Embellishing techniques
    • Stitch-in-the-ditch techniques

Skill level: Advanced.
The student should be very comfortable with flat, odd-count Peyote Stitch.
Having increasing and decreasing skills in Peyote Stitch will make this piece much easier to handle. A good understanding of the Herringbone Stitch will make the decreasing so much easier to learn.



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