Elizabethan Necklace ©2003 by Cynthia Rutledge
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Elizabethan Necklace

©2003 by Cynthia Rutledge

Elizabeth I was the Queen of England and Ireland for 45 years. As a young girl in the mid 1500's, and being the daughter of Henry VIII, life was not as easy as one would think for one of such royal blood. She was welcomed to court one moment, and exiled the next. She was the Kings daughter one moment and called his "sister" the next. It is quite amazing that someone with such a rough beginning could have turned out to be the most fascinating woman of her time.

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Elizabethan Necklace ©2003 by Cynthia Rutledge
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There are many stories about her public and private life. Out of the public eye, Elizabeth dressed in a relaxed state, wearing for jewelry only her Coronation ring and a ring from one of her favorites. When in the public eye she dressed for her court, not for herself. As she often mentioned, she dressed for England, she was the soul of England, and her duty to England demanded it. The owning of vast quantities of jewelry to Elizabeth was her right as Queen but there were many times, when funds were short, that she readily sold her gems to feed, house and move her troops against her enemies.

The Elizabethan Necklace is reminiscent of the style of jewelry that Elizabeth I would have worn to her Coronation. Such "chain type" necklaces were worn either around the neck, shoulders or the waist. Two sizes of square, three dimensional beaded shapes, bezeled "gems" of semi-precious, pearl or glass. Round, three dimensional shapes are embellished with a "faux gem look" and are linked to the square shapes with beaded chain. The center shape has a beaded drop that hangs down below to lend movement. The necklace closes in the back, under one of the shapes, for a hidden connection.

Skill level: Advanced.

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